Cruise: Experts warn what you should never do on a cruise holiday due to this big risk

Cruise holidays welcome huge numbers of passengers onboard, all of whom are most likely keen to make the most of there time away. There’s plenty to enjoy onboard a cruise thanks to the array of entertainment, food options and activities. However, there are still dos and don’ts on cruises.


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The travel experts at Lonely Planet revealed one big faux pas in their guide The Cruise Handbook.

They explained that if you feel sick on a cruise you should never continue to roam around the ship.

You should always return to your cabin to avoid spreading any germs.

“If you are feeling under the weather and decide to visit the medic, they will immediately send you back to your cabin if they’re worried you might be contagious,” explained The Cruise Handbook.

“If your vacation plans are being side-lined by an upset stomach and a sore threat be considerate and limit your contact with other passengers.

“Remember: They’re on a hard-earned vacation, too.

“If you’re seasick and about to throw up, find a restroom or head back to your cabin.

“No one’s interested in seen what you ate for dinner!”

There are measures you can take to prevent getting ill while on a cruise.

Self-professed veteran cruiser Dave Dutton shared one of his top tips in his book How to be a Crafty Cruiser.

He recommended avoiding touching the staircase rail with bare hands.

“I realise this will be difficult for lots of people and I am not suggesting that you do the same but it makes me cringe when I see people running their hands all the way down the rail,” said.

“When you think of all the people who have touched that rail before you: people who may not have washed their hands after using the loo or people with colds; it makes sense to have as little contact as possible with the bare surface.”

The same guideline also serves for elevators. “In a lift I always use my knuckle to quickly tap the floor button,” the cruise expert wrote.


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It’s also well worth packing supplies of hand sanitiser and washing your hands frequently.

“Use [antibacterial hand wash and hand sanitisers] frequently onboard and ashore,” he wrote.

“I have been on cruises when the hand gel wasn’t brought into use before it was too late and the norovirus started affecting some passengers.”

As for preventing seasickness, you can try acupressure wristbands as well as tricking your mind.

Ex cruise entertainer Sam Catling’s book Seems Like Smooth Sailing explained: “For example, if you’re sitting inside and the ship is swaying violently, then you could see the ship’s handrail against the backdrop of the sea one second, and then up past the horizon and into the sea the next.

“It sends a message to the brain that the ship is out of control and brings on the feeling of motion sickness rather promptly.

“The solution? Stand directly behind the handrail and focus on the horizon.

“To the eye, the horizon won’t look like it’s moving up and down as much as it was, so you can trick your mind into thinking that everything’s smooth sailing.”

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