Carnival's Hub app will have more uses

Ahead of its return to cruising this summer, Carnival Cruise Line has expanded functionality of its Carnival Hub app.

Guests will be able to submit necessary health information, including a health questionnaire, via the Hub when they check in for their cruise.

Carnival also will expand its Hub food-delivery service from pizza and beer to other culinary and beverage offerings. Carnival wasn’t specific about what F&B options would be added.

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Dining check-in functionality will be added for more venues. Menus for all dining and beverage offerings will be available in digital form using QR codes.

And, guests will be able to reserve seats for various venues onboard and be alerted when it is time to arrive. They also will be able to check in to virtual queues for select locations on board, including guest services, and be alerted when their place in line is ready.

On the new Mardi Gras ship, guests will be able to reserve tickets for the Bolt roller coaster on the Hub app. 

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