Carnival Corporation Chairman Addresses Coronavirus in Video to Travel Advisors

In a video released Thursday, Carnival Corporation Chairman Micky Arison talked about the importance of travel agents to the cruise industry and how the company expects to bounce back after the coronavirus outbreak subsides.

“This is a time when we refer to travel agents as our partners and we really have to be partners,” Arison said in an interview. “It is a difficult time. It’s a difficult time for us; it’s a difficult time for them. Hopefully, we’ll all get through it, and at the other end, this too will pass and we can start to rebuild the business the way it was before.”

The video was posted on social media by the host of the interview, Carnival senior vice president of global sales Adolfo Perez. The recording was directed at travel advisors and agents impacted by the temporary shutdown of the cruise industry.

“I want to send my appreciation to the entire trade for their support over the last 50 years and hopefully the next 50,” Arison continued.

During a conversation with United States President Donald Trump on Thursday morning, Arison offered Carnival Corporation’s ships to the government as temporary hospitals for non-coronavirus patients to free up space in land-based hospitals overrun by patients dealing with the viral infection.

Arison revealed cruise ships from the Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises and P&O Cruises Australia brands would be made available to governments and health authorities.

Carnival asked in return that officials taking them up on the offer cover only the essential costs of the ship’s operations while in port. Arison said the vessels could be quickly turned into hospitals with up to 1,000 rooms to treat patients with less critical conditions.

The ships also boast up to seven intensive care units in their medical centers equipped with central cardiac monitoring, ventilators and other vital medical devices and capabilities.

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