Best kind of cruise cabin named – offers a ‘better experience’

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Cruise ships have become more and more luxurious over the years and guests can now stay in multi-level penthouses on the fanciest ships. But which kind of cabin is the best for guests.

Brian White, marketing director at told “You can find yourself the best deals on an interior cabin and if you are cruising on a big ship there is so much to see and do that you probably won’t spend much time in there as you’ll be too busy exploring the ship.

“However, nothing beats a balcony cabin, there’s no better experience than waking up to a new view everyday.”

Interior cabins are nearly always the cheapest type of room so are a fantastic option for budget travellers.

As Brian said, if the ship is very big guests are unlikely to feel as though they have to spend a lot of time in their room.

However, some guests find interior rooms claustrophobic as they are very dark and often smaller.

If guests suffer from seasickness they may find interior rooms make it worse as they won’t be able to see the horizon.

Balcony cabins are more expensive but can offer guests a better experience than a standard room.

Some passengers enjoy ordering room service to eat on their balcony and enjoy the view in private.

If guests want to splash out on a balcony cabin, Brian said there is another way to cut costs onboard.

He said: “To save money, look for deals inclusive of drinks and tips, that way you don’t need to worry about spending extra once onboard.”

All-inclusive deals can be a way of saving money if guests know they are planning to drink a lot onboard.

Passengers will need to weigh up which deal is right for them based on the type of holiday they are planning.

Guests could also cut costs by choosing to cruise outside of the busy and more expensive peak periods.

Family-friendly lines will be more expensive during the school summer holidays while destinations can also make a difference.

Brian added: “The beauty of a cruise holiday is that any time of year is a great time to travel.

“From the Mediterranean in summer to the Caribbean in winter, you will find a great choice of destinations all year round.”

The Caribbean is a great option for a winter cruise holiday as the weather will still be sunny and warm.

If passengers aren’t bothered about finding sunny weather, they could opt for a Scandinavian or British Isles cruise.

Alaska is a popular option although British tourists will need to consider the hefty flight price before booking.

River cruises are another option and guests will be able to explore cities whatever the weather.

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