Bear spotted in Disney World's Magic Kingdom

After a bear was spotted in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on Monday, the Frontierland, Liberty Square and Adventureland areas at the park closed for a while then reopened.

In a statement, Disney said it made the decision to reopen the areas in conjunction with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, which is “on site and working on capturing and relocating the bear, Disney said.

According to the FWC, the black bear was seen in a tree in the Magic Kingdom. The FWC said bears are active in the fall as they look for food to prepare for winter. The commission said the bear in the Magic Kingdom was likely foraging.

“In most cases, it is best for bears to be given space and to move along on their own, but given this situation, staff are working on capturing and relocating the bear,” the FWC said.

The commission encouraged anyone who sees a bear in the wild “give it space and never approach or feed it.”

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